15 December, 2017

December Little Things

It's almost Christmas!

We have had a lot going on, and I really don't like being busy - BUT I think that by noon on Christmas Adam (the 23rd, clever huh - my friend Bev taught me about Christmas Adam) we should be done, done, done with all the busy-ness and just able to hunker down and suck in the marrow of Christmas. 

It's all been fun stuff though! I haven't taken many pictures on my phone lately because I keep forgetting to bring it with me. Steven really loves that about me. ;) But here are a few I've taken this month:

 Gage was the Mighty Warrior for his grade this month! Last year he was the mighty warrior for "Curiosity" this time it was for "Self-Control"... both traits he definitely has. Proud of that guy :). He's holding The Hobbit in the picture. He finally got to tell his class about it! It's been sitting in his desk since the first day of school and he's been eagerly awaiting his turn.

We made REAL gingerbread men this year and oh man, they are so tasty but only to ME which is NOT GOOD! No one else really likes them. So we had to give most of them away or I would be rocking the bowl full of jelly look like Santa :).

Mari brought Will these little Santa jammies and he adores them. As soon as she left he put them on and asked me to make him a beard. I am no Martha Stewart, but with little rubber bands attached to his ears they kinda stay on.. sort of. Enough that he thinks I am a wizard mother and that makes me happy :).

One of our favorite traditions. Kjel was the only one who stuck it out but they all did a great job and our house smells amazing!

Catching up on Light the World videos.

The Syracuse Nativity Festival (is that what it's called) was incredible this year. I LOVED getting to share some of the nativities I inherited. The nativity room in the chapel was just beautiful. I couldn't get enough of it. It was like a giant magnet pulling my heart to remember the WHY behind Christmas.

Our little Christmas elf. She is in a nice mindset right now and we are all grateful!

One afternoon Will got a hankering for making real popcorn on the stove so we spent the evening popping popcorn and watching Kjel do ballet while Gage accompanied her on the piano. Kjel eats her popcorn with a spoon :). Love her.

My favorite Christmas season ever was when we moved here five years ago. WOw.. five is a lot of years! We had just barely gotten our stuff from the movers and felt like kings to have our own mattresses and sheets. We got our first real tree that year and Gage and I spent every night till late (like... late.. like midnight) playing and reading and snuggling next to that tree while Kjel slept upstairs and Steven was gone at training. When he would be home, we would pack in movies and games and treats and when he was gone we'd hunker down and just be. I loved the simplicity of it and when I think of it, I remember thick snow outside, our big REAL tree (it was like a five footer but we thought it was ginormous) and dollar store or handmade or Goodwill decorations. It was simple and warm and inexpensive and each day kind of flowed into the next magically.

I hope that your December is sweet and slow and that the weather outside is frightful!

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