03 November, 2017


I have so much catching up to do on this blog and I really don't love having tons of important events stacked in my brain forcing me to go back and find and upload pictures and feel guilty for every day that goes by that I don't do it!

Kinda takes the joy out of having this space for me.

My favorite posts are about what I'm doing and feeling and thinking right now, but I totally avoid opening up blogger when I have things like... Gage's baptism, me and Steven's trip to England and Iceland, Kjel and Gage's first day of school, my parents' visit.... to record for posterity!

So here is a little break for myself to maybe remind myself that it is so fun to blog, even when I have a long mental to-do list that I can never catch up on.

We just ended a loooong string of visitors. My parents, my in-laws, my sister, my mother-in-law. We've had just a few days in between each visit with some of them overlapping, since September. We loved having everyone and made some wonderful memories, but it always feels good to settle back in to life after having visitors. You know?

With the holidays right around the corner, I have been trying REALLY hard to use my "spare" time to plan, plan, plan. For my church callings, for my school and Steve's office obligations, and then for all of our fun traditions and extra-curricular mom things for November and December. I think friends and family think I'm a bit nutty for jumping in so early, but my life has been unpredictable lately - mostly with my headache issues. So I'm trying to do what I can, when I can, without making many commitments for the future. Nothing is more stressful than having serious commitments the afternoon after a HORRIBLE headache has hit... having to cancel everything and let people down when I'm in such bad shape is just awful and I think I have developed a phobia of commitments.

 I had a bad, bad, BAD strain of migraines from August to the mid-October and right now I am six days in a row without taking any migraine medication! Woop woop (that's for you, Tal!). Feels good! I see a neurologist again at the end of November. I am toying with the idea of asking about cluster headaches, as these may not be migraines. You might be able to help me - intense pain in one eye, part of my forehead and temple - every time. Vision loss, nausea, and disorientation with serious auras that make it so I can't even walk straight. The nausea and auras sound like migraines but the actual pain (it IS pulsing which is a hallmark of migraines) makes me wonder... but I recently read about cluster headaches and wonder if that's what I'm actually experiencing. During a bad cycle, I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to heat and cold, my eyes water a ton, and I usually wake up early in the morning with the worst of the headaches... see? Clustery. Such a mystery. I will let you know what the neurologist says.

Life at home with two kids has been so fun. Just Will, Merit and I all day. I have made the commitment to stop letting Will nap. Oh, it breaks my heart because there are few things I enjoy more than snuggling up to that boy in his bed and falling asleep next to him during nap time. BUT he was staying awake, HOLLERING at Gage, things like, "Gage! Gage! IRONMAN IS HERE! In my bed! REALLY! Come see!" until 10 at night. Poor Gage was so sleep-deprived. When we are too busy, like on the weekends for Will to nap, he goes to bed like a little champ right around 7 or 8. So, I guess it's time. Sad but good.  He has discovered the joy of scissors, that's about the extent of his preschool education for now ;). He's a smart, smart kid.

Merit is in one of her "angel" phases. She has been getting enough sleep, the right food, the right material of clothing, the right everything and thus has been really good. But throw one little thing out of balance, and she will be in "beast" mode. Kind of like a really cute time-bomb. She has been snuggly and giggly lately. VERY smart but not talkative. She understands everything and is very obedient, as in "don't touch that" and she doesn't. My other kids should take some lessons ;).

Kjel and Gage are both immersed in school life. We miss them (sort of) during the day... but when Gage was home from school for a whole week with a fever, I remembered how hard it is to be both in "little kid" and "big kid" mode all day, every day. I LOVE my little toddlers, I LOVE my big kids. And I LOVE public school :). You homeschooling moms are AMAZING.

Okay - so thoughts. I KNOW you are reading this and have great ideas - most of you are my good friends who just don't like commenting ;). Many of you are friends I've never met who I'm SURE have great ideas too! So:

- GREAT ideas for a Christmas dinner party. This is a more fun event rather than fancy. Needs to feed a pretty large crowd.

- Thanksgiving... to crowd or not to crowd. We vowed during my headache period that we would keep it VERY simple with just our family. But now I"m feeling better and know of a few families that I would love to host if they're available. What would you do? Commit knowing you might have to cancel or just plan on a cozy family Thanksgiving?

- Thankful reminders: I feel bad for November in our house. It is basically the "Yay, it's almost Christmas" month and we sort of forget to celebrate all the thankful and harvesty stuff. How do you celebrate November?

- What is on your birthday/Christmas list? I am drawing a total blank for myself this year. And both events are right around the corner and poor Steve needs some ideas. I am almost done shopping for my family and I am so excited about some of the things I got Steven this year. The one I'm most excited about is a ginormous electric griddle. We have never owned one, and since Steven is the breakfast guy for our family, OH I can't wait to see his face when he opens it!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I feel so special. Two things on my Christmas list are a new necklace from The Jones Market and a monthly subscription book from a local bookstore - both ideas I think you might like too!


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