21 November, 2017

Happy Birthday, Steven!

I have lofty plans for today. It's my last day before Thanksgiving Break to have the house (sort of) to myself and I vowed last year that never again would I decorate for Christmas with my big kids home. So today during Merit's nap, Will and I are going to haul the boxes upstairs and get Christmas up. You may think I'm weird, but I think that Thanksgiving is more magical with a bit of green and white and red strung about.

Steven is at work all day, but tonight we are going on a date and then afterwards we are going to have better-than-everything cake with the big kids and play Settlers of Catan. (or Settlers of SATAN if you are Gage and keep accidentally reading the C as an S). We opened presents this morning and for the first time in ten years, I think I surprised Steven with some presents he hadn't even thought of! Yay yay yay.

I can't believe that Steven was just a little 22-year-old when we met; the last ten years have changed some things so much and other things not at all. And I really love that.

One of my most favorite things about Steven is that he is tireless - all day, every day, he is working hard. Either at his profession, the development of his character and spirituality, or his relationships. He is a very, very good man. My heart could burst right now with gratitude. I have never seen someone with grit like Steven's and it fills me with hope and excitement for the future.

Thanks for being my best friend in every way. Love you, happy birthday!!

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