02 October, 2017

Okay, Catching Up Again.... Big Family Trip 2017

Family reunion in Colorado, and then a quick day in Nauvoo. I can't type a ton right now so I'll do a few captions here and there, but hopefully the pictures will be enough of a journal for today!

Chapman Family Reunion Day 1 - at a vintage amusement park in Denver :)

Day 2 - fear factor: brush your partner's teeth with canned lunch meat. Soooo nasty! 

Lots of card-playing with cousins!

And chilling in my hang-out bag! Thanks Trevor!

Steven rediscovered his love of longboarding

And Kjel just about died over Mae's sweetness

Saying goodbye to Grandma is never easy for this tender girl. 

Visiting the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple. As we drove into Nauvoo and could see the temple, I felt the Spirit so strongly. My heart just felt warm and full and I felt through all of me, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and a good man, through and through. 

Maaaaaany hours of driving. We listened to lots of Roald Dahl books, most of All the Light We Cannot See (but had to stop because of the F word??!!)

One of many strange stops in Nebraska. Who lives there?

Special Time with Aunt Az.

These two best friend - twin cousins were SO happy to be reunited. When they saw each other, they immediately hugged, clasped hands, then conspiratorially walked away together, whispering and giggling. Love them. 

The boys all went shooting and Gage LOVED it. Guns scare me, but I"m glad he's learning from my dad and brothers, how to respect and take very seriously the rules of using guns. 

Cog train up Pike's Peak in CO. 

Love my little cousins! 

Altitude sickness! But look at that view!

We all felt a little like we were maybe dying.

Walking to the park, one of dozens of park trips.

Fulfilling a life-long dream of hanging out of the car while going fast! NEVER DO THIS, KIDS! ;)

Love that Vanessa! 

More Nauvoo

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