02 August, 2017

The Amazing Gage

This summer, Gage has a new chore chart. One of the chores is "ask Mom" and I get to tell him to do whatever I want done that day. Looking around the kitchen, I realized how absolutely revolting our cupboards were. I did not want to clean them. So I invited ;) Gage to. And he did an AMAZING job. 

So amazing that I paid him for it. 

He opened up a savings account with Steven a couple weeks ago and got one of those little withdrawal/deposit booklets in the mail and absolutely loves it. 

I was talking to Steven about how I want to learn how to have lucid dreams, because I have various recurring dreams that have started to get kind of annoying and my aunt suggested I try lucid dreaming to work through them... anyway, Gage was listening in awe and then said, "If I could lucid dream, I would be like 'Voldemort, come attack me! I will defeat you!' And then I'd go attack that green clown that gives me nightmares sometimes.'"

Do all boys say violent things at times?

Because Gage is a little lamb with a VERY terrifying sense of justice. When a little boy from church hit Merit, Gage said, "He is not my friend anymore - in fact, he deserves to be swallowed up in the sea!"

Uhh... let's chalk it up to extreme loyalty AND just finishing the Narnia series AND a love of militia/weaponry.

I do love that Gage. I love how he is growing out his top hair for a slick back, because he read about it in a book and thought it sounded handsome.

And I love that right now he's on the couch with Steven building a 1000 piece puzzle, saying, "Staying up late and doing puzzles makes me feel like a grown-up. Sometimes in the winter I find puzzles hidden under the couch that you and Mom are working on."

Yep, we do puzzles on my ginormous canvases then hide them under the couch from the kids. I thought we were tricky I guess not! 

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