07 August, 2017

Entrepreneur Gage

Gage is always charging his siblings to go into his room, "rent" his books, play with his toys, etc.

He LOVES to make money. A few weeks ago he opened up a savings account with his first $100. Wowie.

One day we came home from running errands and started pulling weeds. "Why don't you go next door and ask the neighbors if they'd like you to pull their weeds? They just moved in and I think they could use help. You could tell them that you want to earn extra money this summer and are willing to work for whatever they think is fair."

Gage was nervous at first, but we role-played his sales pitch a few times, and then my little man hitched up his pants, grabbed an empty trash can, and marched next door. He stood at the door for a LOOOONG time while they little girl went get her dad, came back, and told Gage that the dad said "not today".

I thought Gage would be daunted, but no. He marched right on to the next house and was told no again, that the woman's grandchildren had just recently weeded. But that she would come down to our house and ask Gage to weed the next time she needed help.

So Gage went right down the cul-de-sac and finally found a very sweet neighbor who had a few yard jobs for him. He earned four bucks!

At one house, our neighbor's Chinese grandparents were the only ones home and they do not speak much English. They kept trying to give Gage $2 and kept saying "No pick weeks, no got weeds!" And Gage said, "No thank you, I only take payment for working."

I was so proud of that kid. For working hard, being courageous, and talking so respectfully to his neighbors.

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