28 July, 2017

Sick Will

One of the days that Gage was in Florida (when I had all kinds of fun little kid activities planned) Will got a fever. Will is NOT a complainer. I never know he's sick unless he looks or sounds really sick. That morning his forehead was super hot and he was so lethargic.

It was a beautiful, rainy summer day - very characteristically east coast. I loved it. I love when all the trees in our backyard are dripping and lush and emerald-colored. The sky was dark enough that I had to turn on lights just to get around. 

Anyway, it was a perfect day to snuggle that little boy on the couch and watch Wild Kratts until we all felt like animal scientists. 

I love how much this boy adores me. It is really something that fulfills me more than I can say.

Some sick kids are awful, but I really love my kids when they are sick. :)

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