20 July, 2017

Kjel Things I Want to Remember

Kjel and Cousin Mae

Just now I heard Kjel playing next to me on the floor with a superman and one of those little Barbie princesses that my mom saved from a happy meal in the 80's.

"Super Brother, go save the world! But first have a piece of my cake."

"Mmmm, delicious. Can I have another piece? I need my belly nice and full."

"Sure, Super Brother!"

And the neat thing is - she really does talk to her siblings like that. Kjel LOVES to share. She has learned something many never learn in their whole lives - that everything good is sweeter when shared.


My kids LOVE getting Kid's Cookies at our local grocery store. Before we go I prep them to be polite, "What are you going to say when we get there?"

Kjel said, "I'm going to say 'TWO KIDS COOKIES! TWO KIDS COOKIES!"

"No, that's not polite. You just need to say please and thank you and then be happy whether it's one cookie or two cookies."

"Mommy, I will say please and thank you and I won't say 'two kids cookies' to anybody. I will just say it to myself over and over again and then they will probably give me two because one time I did that the whole car ride and the whole time we were in the store, then when we got to the bakery, they gave me TWO COOKIES!"

"Okay, let's try it."

So she did and guess what? They gave her two kids cookies and she was so polite!


We had to return something to Wal-Mart and since it was a food item, we had to exchange food for food. So Kjel picked out a carton of mint ice cream (her favorite) and I owed like .34 cents for it. She happened to have a pocket full of coins and paid for it! She was so proud :)


Kjel is my go-to "please get me a diaper right away!" girl. She drops whatever she's doing and sprints up the stairs and when she gets there calls out, "WIPES TOO?"

Today I was having a little diaper emergency and right before she ran up the stairs, she said, "You can call me Miss Super Speed."


When I was putting Kjel to bed, she said, "Mom, do you remember when Dad took me to the ocean and we jumped in? The water came in my mouth and it was way too salty! And also a little peppery. Maybe someone dropped their sugar - I mean salt - in it and that is why."


She is a natural longboarder. It is really pretty amazing to watch her hop onto Steven's longboard and go sailing along the street without falling or looking at all afraid. She puts her arms out like she's surfing, bends her knees a little and glides along like a pro.

Kjel and Grandma are bosom friends who cry whenever they have to be apart :(

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