24 July, 2017

A Perfect Afternoon

We are absolutely loving this summer.

Last week we took a spontaneous afternoon trip to the zoo. We got there an hour before closing and it was deserted. Just this wonderfully Amish Amish family (who only spoke German... ah, I love the Amish!) and a few other zoo visitors were there. I LOVED being able to let the kids run free (and guess what, they mostly came right away when I called them to come back!). Even Merit got to get out and walk/run a bit with them. 

I love that Gage asks me to take pictures of him all the time. Every time they posed - Mom, will you take a picture? Ha. 

I love making my kids laugh. Gage was going on and on about how poachers are nature's deadly enemy and how tigers aren't even dangerous. "I think this tiger would actually bite your head off if you went in its enclosure, Gage."


"Because it would think to itself, 'Oh, what a lovely peach ice cream cone!'"

Gage about died over that one.

My kids really appreciate my humor. :)

Will was utterly fantastic. You may be surprised to hear that he walked most of the way and did NOT run away or hide once. He stayed by me and dutifully held his thick little hand to the stroller. Good, good boy.

He was so funny. He waved to the baby elephant, which immediately wrinkled up its ears as if in reply. Will ran to a corner and said in this very dramatic voice, "I am so scared of those guys!"

Ah, that picture is a gem. Kjel and Gage and their sweet affection... that makes for great photos to show them when they are older and have all their friends over. Haha. They are great. Kjel was my only wanderer, but she would come back when I started calling out threats over treats and privileges, etc.

I told Gage that I have a fear of the kids falling over the rail into the wolf enclosure. He went to great lengths to tell me how, if Will fell in, he would throw a rope over with himself tied to the end of it, scoop Will up, and how I would be the one to pull the rope. Very comforting :).

I really loved every single second I had with those kids today. I LOVE the days when I soak them in. It's like dipping bread in the most delicious pasta sauce imaginable - mopping it up and savoring every last mouthful. Some days I barely taste at all and just get through the day, like I have a sour stomach. But many days, I soak them up and drink them in deeply. And I am SO THANKFUL that I can do that.

We stopped by Haefner's on the way home for peaches and I taught the kids that old Peaches song by --- oh I don't remember. "Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free!" They thought it was the most beautiful song ever.

Will was a wreck by the time we got home. DIdn't want to go potty, Only wanted to wear his snowman jammies (it is HOT AND HUMID here). Only wanted to play outside and not eat dinner (as if he'd eat anything anyway). I finally conceded, let him wear the jammies and eat half a banana and a smoothie for dinner. Life is all about give and take. He asked me several times if "Can we go outside NOW?" And I kept saying, "after dinner, after the dishes, after this and that". Finally some angel (probably my Grandmother or Christi) shook my shoulders and said "GO OUTSIDE!" Because I scooped that kid up and we had a BLISSFUL time on the trampoline together.

We bounced and played, and then he collapsed on my arms said, "Let's watch the clouds ta-gev-ur." Oh, it was a dream.

Life is so, so good.

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  1. I always loved going to the zoo at the end of the day! It's so peaceful and intimate. Glad you had a good time!


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