29 July, 2017

A Morning Moment

Kjel: Mom, sit on the floor and when I open the curtains and come out from behind them say, "Ohhh! How beautiful!" Then go to the piano and I will close the curtains then when I open them play a beautiful song and I will dance on the bench by the piano.

Gage: I will stand next to you in the curtains and be your body guard.

Kjel: NO! Go stand over there and be my audience!

Gage sat on the bench behind the curtains next to Kjel, and she pushed the bench away from the wall, causing Gage to fall onto the floor.

Gage started to cry and sat next to me.

Me: Kjel, say "Gage, I'm really sorry. I didn't know you would get hurt."

Gage: She DID know, Mom!

Kjel: I did actually know he would get hurt.

Mom: Okay, Kjel say "I did know you would get hurt and I'm really sorry."

Merit walked over and (her favorite toy lately is a bowl or cup and a spoon. She wanders the house stirring and feeding whoever she finds) kissed Gage on the forehead twice with her long, wet, open-mouthed kisses. Then she started feeding him with her spoon.

Gage: I feel better now. But I still want to be Kjel's bodyguard.

Kjel: Mom, can you play the piano and Gage and me will dance when I open the curtains?

Gage: I can play the piano for you!

Will: BOOM CHICKALADA! (While striking fairly risque dances poses)

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