21 June, 2017

Will Things I Want to Remember

This morning while I was sitting at the table, Will pulled my shirt up and starting squeezing my belly:

"Can I soft your belly?"

"Please don't right now," I said. And he ran off bawling.

A few minutes later he found me in another room and asked really sweetly, "Now can I soft your belly?"

So I lifted up my shirt and he patted my belly a few times. Then said, "Mom, or belly is so squishy. It's like pie."

Nice. :)

Will doesn't pronounce the Y sound when he says "your".

He invites me to "dunk my legs in" his blankets when I lie down with him for naps or bedtime.

He always asks, "Can I help you wif dat?"

He has been wearing an old Spiderman Halloween costume for the last four days straight (we made him take it off for church and he had a breakdown.) He does to show us the muscles: "These are mine stwong bumps, see?"

When my mom was here, she was saying goodnight to him. He totally ignored her and pointed to the fireman hat he was wearing, "I'm a fireman. Wif mine hat. See?"

A few nights ago I was putting him to bed and asked him to come say my prayers and he said, "Mom, I can't. That makes me cwy!" Don't make me cwy, please." Ha.

He LOVES the library. One day we took Kjel to a birthday party and stopped by the library to drop off some books but he was fast asleep so I didn't wake him up. When he woke up he sobbed and sobbed that he'd missed the library. So sad :(. I should've just gone back. Lesson learned.

Yesterday he unscrewed the lid of a ginormous container of shampoo that I'd just bought at Target and I didn't know about it. It was in one of the backseats in a bag and when we got home the gooey shampoo had spilled out and most of the bottle was gone!

When I put him in clothes he asks if they are activity specific: "are dese mine Wegman's clothes?" "Are dese mine eat lunch clothes?"

He is still my best friend. In the morning when he sees me he comes over with a huge smile and silently pats me until I gasp and say, "Oh! Is that WILL?! My best friend WILL?!"

And then he emphatically says, "YES, Mom! It IS me!"

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