08 June, 2017

Where's Wock the Wock?

Tonight I tried to get the kids to bed early, but we all ended up playing (a lot) after getting re-tucked in again and again. Steven got home right at the tail end of all the fun :).

Anyway - I have two month's worth of serious updates to get to on this blog, but I just HAD to record this before I forget.

When I went into Will's room, he was sitting on his bed with: the top of a broken hanger, a rock, a piece of string, and a flannel blanket. I asked him what he was doing, and he said,

"Just pwaying with "Wope the Wope" (Rope the Rope), "Wock the Wock", "Hanger the Hanger", and Kank."

Kank was the blanket.

Gage came in and laid down next to me and immediately realized Wope the Wope was part of his yoyo, that was now, presumably broken.

"Will, you broke my yoyo!"

"Oh, but I fought it was Wope the Wope."

Gage busted up. "Rope the Rope?"

"Yes, Dage. These are my favorite friends." Then he introduced Gage to all of them again.

I love Gage's laugh when he's dying over how cute his siblings are. It really melts me.

We spent the next twenty minutes finding out that Kank eats bugs and is a giant tongue that "scoops" people (um, scary), and that Hanger the Hanger likes to dance. We lost Wock every two minutes in the blankets, "Where's Wock the Wock?" And each time I was the one to find it, which would set Gage off laughing again.

Life is so so good.

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