15 June, 2017

Kiel's Fifth Birthday

I can still vividly remember holding tiny, newborn Kjel on my chest in our big, white bed in Rexburg. On the first day we were home, it was mid-afternoon and a wild spring rainstorm was blowing through. I was in and out of sleep when Steven came in and laid down beside us. Sleepily, a darling three-year-old Gage wandered in, clutching his superhero figurines. He climbed in next to Steven, and all four of us fell into a deep, nourishing sleep.

And now that little baby has grown into a true Big Girl. Kjel turned FIVE in May and we had a really great day to celebrate. 

Kjel and I went on a special date to Wegman's for her birthday lunch of choice - "clean" sushi ;)

Later in the day, two good friends came over for a leisurely tea party and to paint. 

Her heart birthday cake

The festivities actually began the night before - she has been wanting a nightgown for a long time, and we wanted her to wake up wearing her new, purple, birthday nightgown. 

After she changed into her nightgown, we went outside to have mini ice cream cones. 

Opening presents the next morning. 

Birthday breakfast: yogurt and hot chocolate (served in her new tea set - that big beautiful tea cup is from her grandma who sends her a new tea cup every year).

I don't know why I don't have any pictures of Steven and Kjel :(. I'll keep looking and post them when I find them.

Happy birthday, sweet Kjel. You are as soft as a feather, independent, smart, quick, helpful, courageous, and aware. Intuitive, kind, and wise. I love you! So much!

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