19 June, 2017

Darling Merit Things I Want To Remember

Her first little ponytail is so adorable. I think she looks like little baby Moana.

She really adores me. It feels so good to be loved so deeply! If I hold her close she lies right down against me. In that picture above she's eating a banana, but usually she pulls my shirt up close to her face and sucks her thumb while we snuggle.

Kjel took this, ha. Not the most flattering view of me, but it makes me smile because this is so much my life. Sweet Merit on my hip most of the day. Not pictured are my weekly trips to the chiropractor ;)

Oh, that sweet smile. Merit is a petite little thing, with all of her weight being carried in her cheeks and belly. I adore her smile. Her teeth are pearly white and GINORMOUS and sharp! She loves to run around, explore, then come back to home base (me).

She is like my other kids... kind of a vegan (not by my choice). But fruits and vegetables are her favorites.

It's funny because she really likes Gage, cannot STAND Kjel most of the time (granted, Kjel really does get up in her business constantly to try to make her happy but it really aggravates all of us, love ya Kjel), but Will can do NO WRONG. And he is so mean to her. Always pushing her down or throwing things at her. Then in a sweet voice he says, "Sar-yee, Merwit." Like 50 times a day. And she loves him!!! I sent him to time-out for pushing her and she waddled over and plunked down right next to him. So cute.

She is Daddy's hiking buddy. I so appreciate it because my back can't take her anymore. She just happily hangs from him, sucking on her fingers.

Merit is also Steven's buddy once she realizes that I'm not around. She definitely prefers me (ah, I love it), but quickly goes and snuggles with Steven when I'm not an option. Love it.

Ah, yes. That is Merit screaming because I had just left. So sad :(.

And that is Merit a few minutes later, laughing her guts out as Steven tickled her. See those huge teeth?

I have been really soaking Merit in the last few days, especially. Gulping in her deliciously tangy spirit and trying to give her all the affection she wants. She is a very affectionate girl and is never happier than when she is in my arms, snuggled right up to me, with her thumb in her mouth. She loves bike rides and actually last Sunday fell asleep in her little seat as we rode home from church.

She is quick! She is a pro walker now, and navigates the stairs beautifully. She laughs hard when I dance with her, and stands up in her crib positively shrieking in the middle of the night when she wants to nurse.

Oh, Merit. You are the icing on the cake of life. I love you so much.

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  1. not sure if it's because i'm hormonal or because this is so sweet- but this made me tear up :')i can't wait to snuggle little merit a week from now!!


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