03 April, 2017

WILLOWMERE part two || The Family Room

If I thought I could get all the house pictures up in a few days, I must have been in serious denial about my ability to follow-through on multi-step processes. Like taking pictures and posting them. Ha. But here is our family room. 

This is my favorite room in the house. It is also one of the least-decorated rooms. I can never decide on what to put up on the walls and it's almost always messy because this is where we all congregate during the day and after dinner. It's the gateway to the backyard, so in the summer, it's the place where everyone comes tromping in and out for bathroom breaks and popsicles.

In the winter, we build fires and drink hot chocolate on the couch. We watch Christmas movies and have Family Night here. 

When the kids wake up extra-early, Steven turns a movie on the computer and they all snuggle with him until Merit and I get up (privilege of being the nursing mom to a baby that woke up SEVEN TIMES last night. Oh my.)

I work at the computer while Kjel sits beside me and colors or plays with play-doh. 

Merit uses the fireplace ledge to pull herself up and it's teaching her to walk. 

Basically, this room is the equivalent to a dinner table - it brings us all together and keeps us close. Love it. 

Work done: when we moved in, we painted the walls white (they were blue) and the sliding glass door frame white. After settling in, I decided to add some color and painted two of the walls a soft blue/gray and the back wall a deeper grey. This was the least changed room in the house.

We added a computer table (Ikea), the red chairs (Target), IKEA cart (for toys)  the grey couch with attached chaise (also Ikea though the cover was purchased on Amazon), children's IKEA Poang chairs, and a poof. There isn't much art on the walls, but the painting by the book shelf on the right side is an original painting of mine, the map above the couch is the Rand McNally world map purchased on Amazon, and the cork board hanging above the computer is from Hobby Lobby.

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