06 April, 2017

WILLOWMERE part 3 || The Kitchen

This room has been a work-in-progress from day one. One of the reasons we fell in love with the potential of this house was the kitchen - it's big and open and bright! I love that the big windows face the backyard so I can see the kids and interact with them when they're playing and I am making lunch or dinner. I also love that I can see the sunset! I love the big woods behind the house and how I often find cardinals, deer, bunnies, hawks, and robins while doing the dishes.

We considered putting in new cabinets and a pantry, as we don't have a pantry and I don't especially love how high up the cupboards are. I would go for lower cupboards with space on top to add pretty things. But in the end, we decided to paint the cabinets white (they were an oaky-wood color), paint the walls the same white (they were blue/gray), paint the window panes and trim a nice, solid gray, and add little bright pops of color like my original birch tree painting and yellow rug.

It was a lot of work to re-do those dang cabinets.

My very favorite part of this room is the "4949" art above the doorway into the living room. This hung on the exterior of the house when we bought it. Last summer we painted the outside of the house and took it down, but I wanted to put it somewhere because I loved it!

I also really love that the kitchen is completely central to the downstairs. You have to go through the kitchen to get from one to room another, which means we gather in the kitchen all the time.

If we were going to stay here forever, we would get stainless steel appliances, knock down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and add an island, and add backsplash. I still might do a backsplash this summer. Either tiffany blue and white, or dark grey. Haven't decided yet. I am still pondering over light fixtures.  Worth it to replace them? I don't know.

Also, I might be crazy, but I kind of want to pain the wall with the chalkboard sign navy blue. Would that be weird?

Here are the photos:

"4949" sign above the doorway ^^

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