02 April, 2017

March Little Things

Guess what? Winter Storm Stella came by and gave us two whole days off from life! Steven closed down the office and Gage had no school. It was awesome. 

Steven and the kids played outside while I kept Merit safe and snuggly (and warm) inside. We made bread and cinnamon rolls and white chicken chili and then I ran out of cozy foods to make, ha. We also watched Beauty and the Beast (the original animated one) and Moana, all cozied up in the family room with candles going. Preeeetty magical if you ask me.

It definitely felt like Christmas all over again, except with none of the distractions.

Why is Will picking his nose in every picture?

And now Kjel's doing it too. Oh boy, looks like we need to have an FHE on why we don't pick our noses. Anyway, Kjel and I went and ate lunch with Gage after getting her all registered for Kindergarten! Boy has time flown.

This ^^ is the only picture I have from St. Patrick's Day, but it was a good one. The leprechauns left little trails with kid-specific symbols for each child to follow to find a few chocolate gold coins. That night after everyone got home, we skipped corned beef and decided to teach a little life lesson to the kids.

I made boiled cabbage and potatoes and dished us up meager portions, and talked about how my ancestors survived the famine in Ireland on potatoes. (Okay - I may need a cousin or aunt to tell me if we had ancestors in Ireland during the great famine, but for the purpose of teaching my kids AND because we are pretty Irish on my mom's side, I didn't feel too bad about stating it like it was a fact). Regardless of how many of my ancestors lived on potatoes, many people did, and we talked about how thankful we are for the variety and abundance in our lives.

Afterwards we had homemade shamrock shakes and tried to learn how to do an Irish dance from a youtube tutorial. We also listened to the Irish national anthem. Fun. :)

On a trip to the grocery store, alone (ahh, paradise), I found this barley water in the international section and had to take a picture. Remember in Mary Poppins when the kids sing, "And never smell of barley water"? Ha! It is real!

And looks kind of yummy?

More Stella photos ^^

Alright, here's something important. This photo right above is Gage's self-portrait that I couldn't identify as Gage's when we went to visit his school. I felt so bad because I kept guessing the wrong ones! I have no idea why...

One afternoon, I told Kjel that we would get to paint together at some point that day. I was lying upstairs with Will getting him to bed when I heard a bunch of banging and scraping of chairs in the dining room. I was frustrated because I wanted to get the babies to sleep for their naps and Kjel was being noisy (when she knows it's quiet time). I came down and was ready to deliver a lecture, when I saw that she had just been gathering up our painting supplies and had set up cute little stations for each of us to sit at, complete with water and brushes. Good lesson for me, and a fun time for both of us to just be together.

Ah, the Hogwart's Castle. Gage and I went in on a Harry Potter Lego Encyclopedia from the book fair at his school. He and Steven immediately set to work on building the Hogwarts castle and it was AMAZING! And then Will smashed it. We are still recovering from the trauma.

The boys had their check-up. No seizures this time. Thank heavens. Hard to believe that was a year ago. Both of them are in good shape. Part-way through Will's check-up, he sweetly asked the doctor, "You makin' me healthy?" Ha.

All four kids at the doctor, and no one cried or spilled anything or punched anyone or had any blow-outs, tantrums, or mean words. It was a win.

The rest of the Stella photos ^^

Right before we got a terrible stomach flu, I had the worst migraine. So Steven took the kids out for dinner at Moe's. It was Tuesday so he and Gage got adult meals and got two free meals for the little ones. So fun that Gage is now old enough for big people food! He ordered a salad. How cute is that.

Jeff the Magic Man was there, doing balloons for the kids. They loved this sword to death. A deflated, choking-hazard death.

Toni and Poncho came at the end of the month to watch the kids so that Steven, Merit, and I could go down to the city for a work meeting. Too many photos to add to this post, but it was a blast!

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