22 April, 2017

Kid Date

I loved taking my two "middles" out for a quick date to a garden center down the street from our house. 

We looked and smelled the deliciously springy flowers and plants, admired the tiny ceramic dogs and cats (the closest these kids will ever get to having a real pet), and then got kid ice cream cones in the corner of the store. Super fun. :) 

Will chose a tiny potted primrose to bring home and HELD IT ALL AFTERNOON, affectionately calling it, "Mine Fwower". Kjel picked out a tall purple tulip plant that I just repotted outside (shh, she doesn't know yet and will be sad that it's not in her room anymore).

I wish I'd learned earlier on how important it is to get fun time in with the kids individually (or in twos). But now I know and I'll keep it up. Being a mom is SO FUN!!!

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