17 April, 2017

Happy Easter!

I need to upload our Easter weekend pictures. This is the only one I've transferred over so far. I love, love, LOVED snuggling Merit on Saturday afternoon on our front porch while they rain poured. She is a darling snuggler, always sucking that thumb.

The weekend was so sweet, with warm, warm weather, good friends, and we tried extra hard this year to keep the week before Easter focused on Christ, which I think made Easter less candy-centered and more Christ-centered. It was really good.

Now it's spring break and my big kids are playing Legos while Will (who is sick again with a bad chest cold) is snoozing in his room, and Merit (who started burning up with a fever last night and today is lethargic and rosy-cheeked) just woke up. So it looks like I will not be uploading a ton of photos like I'd planned on ;). Sometime soon!

Happy Easter Weekend! And happy Spring Break too!


  1. you are so pretty! i love that hair color with your eyes and skin! you missy, are quite the stunning woman. ;)


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