11 April, 2017

Early April Little Things

Can you believe it's already April? And we are practically half-way through it! I keep thinking it's still February. 

Kjel LOVES this dress we inherited from a good friend. She wears it every single day. It's a princessy dress with a big, full skirt. And, it's about 2 sizes too big for her. Ha. She puts it out for church every Saturday night and I always have to laugh and say, "Kjel, you know this isn't a church dress." "I know, Mom, I just thought today it might be." Ha.

Merit is a darling little drama queen. I hope that doesn't offend her down the road if she ever reads this! But dang, that girl is expressive! She is my first screamer. She almost never cries real tears (when she does I seriously want to die because it's so sad), but she is rarely just mellow, middle-of-the-road. She's either intently focused on destroying anything that appears to be organized, laughing and smiling and giggly, or angry. Very different from Will, who was always content.

I like them both ways :). But this is a little exhausting sometimes. Especially in the middle of the night.

Loved that sweet note that Gage got from a friend at school.

General Conference was WONDERFUL. I loved hearing our leaders speak to us about the most important things - finding joy, forgiving others, looking up to Christ, and treating everyone with kindness. I'll write up about some of my favorite talks soon.

My mom sent those little cookie sheets with magnetic "stickers" for the kids to play with as they listened. They were a hit. Thanks, Mom!

Both Will and Kjel's first trip to the dentist. (Gage's 2nd). I'm not very consistent about dentist visits. Probably because I hate them. But Will and Kjel were in good shape. Poor Gage had 3 cavities. And he is my most hygienic child. Seems like it always works out that way :(.

Will did great though. He opened wide and kept those glasses on even after the check-up :).

Gage came home from school one rainy day, went straight upstairs and put on this outfit to be an astronaut. Love that my big boy isn't too big to play like this still.

While organizing my bookshelf, a bunch of pictures that my mom sent me a while ago fluttered down from some books I'd been keeping them in. This was one of them - that's me as a baby on my blessing day. Loved seeing the young faces of so many people I love! My brother Trevor is adorable in my Grandpa Call's arms. And Grandmother looks beautiful in red. Miss her very much.

Look at my parents! My mom has always been stunning. I am so flattered when people say I look like her :). I wish!

Some BEAUTIFUL spring sunsets lately!

One morning I realized that I don't have many pictures of Merit and I. I tried to take a bazillion and they all turned out blurry. Bummer. But her chunky cheeks and gigantic front teeth with a cute little gap just kill me. She is so cute!

Last weekend, we went to the zoo. The weather was still a titch cold, but it was so fun to see the flowers beginning to bud and to let the kids run free and wild. Winter seems so long by the time April rolls around.

Okay, one last picture. Someone else must have taken this on my phone, but I want to remember our bedtime routine (it changes as often as the kids change). For the past couple months, we get all the night-time stuff done then I take Will to bed (or if Steven's home, he will), tuck him in with his animals and sing Raindrops on Roses. He is a darling to put to bed. He is SO tired at night since I've stopped having him take day-time naps. It was just too hard to have two napping kids on different schedules, I could never leave the house! So anyway, Will goes to bed first. Kjel reads books or plays with toys quietly in her room and Gage (as pictured above) goes into our room (since he and Will share a room) to write in his journal and read. I put Merit to bed (half the time she goes right to sleep, the other half of the time it becomes a multi-hour ordeal), then I snuggle up with the other two and get them down.

Some nights if Steven is home, he and Gage and I play a game or just lie on our bed and chat for a while. Having a big kid is so fun. And Kjel is nearly there!

Yesterday was a deliciously warm spring day. We were outside from early morning till night. We went to the park, went on two different bike rides, ate all of our meals (except breakfast) outside, jumped on the trampoline till my legs felt like jelly, cleaned up the yard, and Kjel had a friend over - needless to say, we are all a little sunburned. Except poor Steve who spent the whole day in his office.

Anyway, I'm so happy that spring is truly here and I'm loving this April! Hope you are too!

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