10 April, 2017

An Afternoon in NYC

Last month, Steven had a quick work meeting in White Plains, so my sweet mother-in-law came out to take care of the older three, and Merit and I went with Steven.

We drove through Albany rather than through PA and I loved it. Driving through towns like Sleepy Hollow with misty cemeteries and red barns fills me up. 

So does getting one-on-one time with the kids. It was so good to have Merit and just Merit for a couple of days. 

The dinner/meeting was great, except that I was a little nervous so I didn't eat very much and I definitely regret that because the food was dang good. Ha. But it was really great to meet some wonderful people. I got some really, REALLY good parenting advice from another agent there - he said, "Be strict with your kids, but PLAY with them." 

After the meetings wrapped up, we loaded up the car, changed, and high-tailed it to an overpriced parking garage in Chelsea. 

Since we only had an afternoon and we only had one kid with us, we went to Chelsea, as we haven't explored it much (we usually spend our time around the park on the upper east side and eat at places on the upper west side, and have gotten lost a plethora of times on the lower east side (nolita, soho, etc) which leaves the lower east side to get lost in and get a feel for. It was fun to explore that more hip part of Manhattan. We went and ate at Bubby's (expensive but delicious) and I realized that I love beets.

Then we walked the High Line and people-watched. Fun fun.

We explored the Chelsea Market which was super, super cool. I got a cup of lobster bisque and almost died of deliciousness. And so began our "Brooke's Favorite Food Tour".

 Merit fell fast asleep in the carrier and Steven and I oohed and aahed over how cool it was in there. See that curtain of Christmas lights up ahead from Steven?!

Then we emerged and decided to head east for a bit. It was fun to walk down Bleaker street. Such a pretty walk with quaint little shops and pretty homes.

Since we were down in that neck of the woods, we took subway down from Union Square to Prince street and walked over to Rice to Riches. See? This was definitely a "Brooke's Favorite Foods" day. If you find yourself at Rice to Riches and need to quick decide a flavor because the ladies that work there are a tiny bit intimidating, just order chocolate chip. It's so delicious.

Love our little New York baby. She knows to hang on tight! Look at her sweet little hand :).

And sorry, Steve, for the crazy eye picture! But Merit's smile is too cute!

We took off soon after that and the drive home was great. Merit fell asleep and we just talked and talked. I hope we never take for granted our close proximity to one of the most magical cities in the world. And if you are headed to NYC sometime soon, email me and I can tell you some really tasty places to eat, or free places to visit. I always go for the free stuff ;).

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