08 March, 2017


I made a list of things I want to make sure to record either in my journal or here, and the first house we ever owned is one of them. I have read the Anne of Green Gables books every year since I was a teenager and they are a part of me in a  special way. In the first book, Anne and Diana have a special place and when trying to decide on a name for it, Anne thinks of Willowmere. I love to name houses. Our last home was Autumn Berry Cottage (ABC) and our townhouse before that was Poplar Corner. The only other one I can remember is The Hobbit Hole in Rexburg. See? I should have been recording these all along. Anyway, once we were settled, Willowmere on Peppermill just stuck. Willowmere for short ;).

Here are some photos of various rooms. As I have time and motivation, I'll post the rest of the house in increments. I hope you kids can use these pictures to drum up all of the memories we've made here! 

Living Room

Kiel's Room

Piano Room

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