01 March, 2017

The Spring Chicks

Last winter, I was hugely pregnant along with EIGHT other friends from church. Between April and September, NINE baby girls were born between us (yup, one had twins). Some friends moved away in the summer and fall (I've posted a few pictures with Ava, Makena, and Kinsley), and I don't think I ever got a picture of our friend Dana's baby. But these four - Magnolia, Merit, London, and Kaylee see a lot of each other and have had to endure several photo sessions over the last year.

Here are some fun spring photos we took of our Spring Chicks last week. :) 

It is not easy to get four babies to smile simultaneously. But I do think some of these photos captured their little personalities pretty well. Whether cautious or curious, mobile or content, they sure are sweet babies. Love them and their mommies!

1 comment:

  1. SO cute. Now I need a picture of just Merit :)


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