31 March, 2017

Funny Will Things I Have Been Meaning to Write Down

During the Sacrament last week, Will turned to Aaron who was passing us the bread and said in a perfectly clear (and loud) voice: "Hi!"

Aaron smiled slightly. The Sacrament is a really reverent time and we try not to talk at all during that part of the service.

In that same clear, loud voice, Will half-shouted, pointing to Aaron, "That guy can't talk. He doesn't know how. I do know how to talk."


Every time Will sees a baby he says, "That baby is NOT Murrit."


During dinner, I pulled Will close to me and said, "Can I tell you a secret? You are so wonderful and so kind."

He smiled and said, "I tell you a secret?" He got right next to my ear,

"You are so mean."

I almost died, haha!


At Costco, I was alone with just the two youngest while Kjel was at play school. Will LOVES Costco hot dogs, and thought he could trick me into buying him double:

"Uh, Mom? Murrit just told me she wants a hot dog."

(And the hilarious thing is that he has a strong upstate NY accent on words like hot dog - hat doo-wog is how he pronounces it.)


We call him Wilbur all the time and he hates it. He'll say in a really no-nonsense voice, "Mom, Mom, I am not WIWBUR. I'm WI-OW. Just WI-OW."

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  1. My william sounds like your will!! Love the new York accent!


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