06 March, 2017

Florida Precepts

On our Florida trip we learned some good lessons as a family and decided to call them our Florida Precepts:

1. Be a problem-solver, not a problem-maker
2. When you serve someone else, your own problems seem smaller (Gage told the story of his bazillion mosquito bites this summer  - he couldn't get comfortable and then Merit began to cry and he held her. She stopped crying and miraculously, his bug bites didn't itch anymore).
3. When trials come, keep pressing forward but with even more deliberation than before. We were in a major hailstorm on the drive back and many cars had pulled over. We decided to keep going, but more slowly and carefully and with fewer distractions. It was a good lesson that it's easy to hunker down and try to just wait out our trials, but pushing through them, while the harder course, helps us learn and be more grateful than we were before.

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