04 March, 2017

Florida Adventure

We went to Florida over Gage's winter break. So fun. It was actually cheaper for us to drive to PA, pay for parking, and fly out of the Philadelphia airport than to drive the whole way. I wasn't complaining! 5 hours in the car versus 16 x 2 was like a dream.

Drive to PA was uneventful. Merit did exceptionally well. We left at about 10:30 and didn't get to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Phil's until 8. Ha.

We made a quick stop for lunch at Good N Plenty (which I referenced in one of my first ever blog posts back in 2008!) for some delicious Amish food. We all left totally stuffed. Definitely worth the money to eat at a place where every kid eats and eats and eats without having to be cajoled, bribed, or threatened ;).

We got to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Phil's in the evening and unfortunately I didn't get any photos, but we absolutely loved our time with them and their son Kevin. We talked and talked about everything from public schools to Poland's resistance during WWII. So enlightening and good for my brain.

The next morning, we got up, got ready and drove to the airport for a day of flights to Orlando. That photo above is Gage, wanting to see his bed head. Ha.

The rest of these are random photos from different moments at Clearwater Beach and at our amazing resort's swimming pools in Orlando.

Highlights for me:

Taking a family picture in the almost-exact spot where Steven proposed to me nine years ago on Clearwater Beach!

Eating at the Restaurant that we walked past so many times that summer when we'd stake our claim on the little sand dune close to the Palm Pavilion Beachside Grille, imagining having tons of money some day to actually eat there ;).

Spending the morning at the kid pool with Will and Kjel while Gage was fishing with G-Diddy and Merit and Daddy were resting in the room.

Taking a pontoon ride around the lake at the resort and trying to keep Will from jumping out.

Making sandcastles with Kjel at Clearwater.

Body surfing with Gage until we were both laughing so hard we couldn't breathe :).

Late nights with Steven when we would finally get all the kids to bed then bring the gigantic mattress into the living area to sleep on so that we could talk before bed without waking up Merit who was sharing our room :).

Spending time with in-laws and cousins who we love!

Watching Gage teach himself to swim confidently.

It was so good to be in the sun, soaking up the nutrients our upstate NY skin has been missing! But even greater to spend time with family and to leave all worries behind and just be together.

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  1. sounds so fun!! it cracks me up that Will kept on trying to jump into the water hahaha!


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