13 March, 2017

Early March Little Things

March started out warm and sunny and beautiful. My daffodil bulbs that I "planted" (randomly half-buried) in the backyard were starting to push little green leaves up through the dirt. 

We spent as much time outside as possible. Kjel is such a great little poser.

Ha. I post the above photo in case I die young and my kids have trouble remembering me --- not that this is the exact image that I hope always comes to mind, but... well, actually, maybe I do hope this is what they think of when they think of me! I'm not planning on dying young. Just so you know. This has gotten kind of depressing. Okay.

This one above was actually on March first. Our big old tree in the backyard has begun blossoming. So exciting. I love spring.

Gage has been giving Kjel little school lessons. Sometimes it's stressful to listen. "Kjel. Five plus five is ten. Say it." "Five plus five is ten." "Great. What is five plus five?" "Ummm. a cat."

We have had some BEAUTIFUL sunsets this winter. I don't know that we will ever be able to beat the positioning of this house/the beautiful woods behind our home. They make sunsets so magical! Those dark trees silhouetted against the pink sky. Love it.

Not beautiful, but interesting. If you've been a longtime reader, you will note that my feet have always been a plague to me. EVEN in NY where you'd think the moist air would keep my skin from cracking. But no :(. I've been saran-wrapping my heels after COATING them in neosporin for the last six months or so. By mid-afternoon they would be hurting so bad, sometimes bleeding. So annoying and gross. So I finally caved and gave in to Steven's ever-constant request that I "BUY SOMETHING FANCY FOR MY FEET!" and I bought O'Keefe's feet paste (or something like that - it comes in a blue case that looks like a tobacco container) for $8 on Amazon. AND IT'S WORKING! I'll post an after pic in a few weeks when you can really see the difference.

Kjel's drawings are becoming sweeter and more detailed.

Oh! STOP THE PRESSES! Is that Will holding and actually consuming a VEGETABLE? YES IT IS! This time last year, I was drowning with anxiety that Will refused all vegetables and fruits. Now, though, he will drink green smoothies, eat raw broccoli, tomatoes (if they are served a very specific way), sometimes corn and potatoes (I know those aren't real vegetables), bananas, applesauce, any Naked smoothie drink, and dried mango (also not really a "real" fruit, but I'll take it).

Merit is darling.

This was last Monday. These kids were PERFECT at Wegman's. It was so fun. Being a mom is SO FUN! We almost always plan our trips at the same time as a van is dropping off a bunch of sweet older folks from one of the nearby nursing homes, and I almost always get some sage advice from one of the old men. This time, this really truly adorable old man kept passing us in the aisles and finally stopped by the dairy section. He patted each kid's head, asked Kjel if she takes good care of them, then said, "This is what it's all about." Love it.

Okay, this one makes me snort. Kjel is at that phase where she writes random letters down and then asks me what they say. This one made me laugh. "Egad! Kjel, you spelled a real word!"

Another gorgeous sunset.

Okay - want a yummy recipe that is not very healthy? Take 1/2 block of cream cheese and microwave it till it's pretty soft. Add a big splash of lemon juice, a couple shakes of garlic salt, and about a tablespoon of chopped dill. Serve over bread. YUM!!!

My friend Mari had a birthday, so we had a small Scandinavian fika to celebrate :).

Darling Kjel.

Another recipe: this one is truly a family favorite. Make your typical beans and rice (we make rice in a big pot and in a pan pour two cans of black beans, one can of diced tomatoes, some fresh garlic and cumin and cook until it's nice and warm and thick). But then roast in your oven at 425 some chopped bell peppers, onions, and potatoes. Stack rice, beans, and the veggies with some salsa on top (you can also add avocado, cilantro, lime juice, ranch dressing... the sky is the limit) and your family will love you.

Steven "hired" Gage on his last half-day from school to do some much-needed busy work at the office. He got paid ten buckeroos and Steven said he really was a good employee.

Proud of that kiddo.

That wraps up the first week or so of March. Tonight a big storm is supposed to come in "Stella" is it's name (thanks for telling me that, Mari!) I'm hoping it's a terrible one so that we can hunker down and get one more good snow day out of this winter. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Haha! I loved your "remember me when I'm dead" picture! Also, where did you get those green comfy-looking pants?!


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