21 February, 2017

Will's Birthday

I used to think Sunday birthdays were tough, but this last one was just perfect. 

There is now a "Cookie Grandma" in the nursery at church, who brings cookies for the birthday child to give out to the other children. So cute. Will looked so manly up there, passing out cookies and smiling his million gigawatt smile. 

I stayed after church for choir, but Steven brought the kids home and they played legos and read books while the snow swirled in gentle loop-de-loops outside.

Dinner was everything Will loves. Homemade pizza and breadsticks (and I added some fruit in there so we could get some nutrition out of it). He gobbled that pizza right up and so did the rest of us (except Kjel who hates pizza) it was so delicious!!! 

We found a cute (and easy) way to cut a rectangle cake into a whale and got that decorated and ready, and Will licked up a ton of the frosting right off the cake after he blew out the candle. Nice. 

It was fun to celebrate this boy and his glorious three years of life. It's funny, because since his birthday he's mysteriously picked up some new "big boy" behaviors. Like saying his own prayers without wanting help and clearing the table with the big kids after meals. He has also started in on some terrible three behaviors. Like throwing food at me when he doesn't want it and peeing on the floor.

Oh, three. What a fun age. In my experience, terrible twos are a big fat lie. Two year olds are adorable and sweet and easy-peasy. Yes, they get into things and make messes - but they're innocent and darling while they do it. I love two. Three is when things start getting hairy.

Good thing Will was such an incredibly sweet baby -- he has a strong hold on our hearts even when he's straight up awful. 

Happy Birthday, little man! 

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