14 February, 2017

Valentine's Day Unsolicited Advice

How about some unsolicited love advice?

If you're single and reading this, don't date or marry someone that you love. Date and eventually marry someone who you love,  respect, and admire. Someone who blows you away with his or her kindness. Someone who owns up to his or her mistakes quickly and humbly. You can really get through anything, I think, if you approach it with honesty and kindness. Love is so wonderful, but it's not enough. I'm thankful for the past almost-decade that has taught me these truths. I love Steven. I also respect him - he is honest and has cultivated meticulous integrity. I admire Steven - he is kind, truly kind. He is not afraid to see himself for who he is, he is not afraid to apologize and ask for help. I love him so much.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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