01 February, 2017

Two Babies in a Bath

These two love the bath. When Merit hears it running, she will start kicking her legs and shrieking until I take her up to the bathroom, then she crawls over to the side of the tub, stands up, and tries to throw herself in. So funny. When I finally put her in, she is just in heaven. She splashes around and just laughs. 

Will also loves the bath. Many times a day he'll look at me and said, "I need to get naked. I need to get in baf." In the winter I try to limit him to once a day or once every two days because the poor guy has eczema, but dang it's hard to say no when he asks me with those big, brown eyes.

Putting these two in the bath together is hilarious and cute. So cute. It's a new development since Will is kind of a monster and I don't want Merit to die, but he's become a lot more gentle in the bath with her, and on this particular day they cried every time I tried to take them out, so they were in the bath for almost an hour!

Just splashing and drinking the nasty bath water (not that nasty cause guess what? I scrubbed the tub earlier that day! I think that's the third time since we moved in back in June of 2015 ;).

Will also brings up huge fistfuls of his tiny animals and lets them march all over the tub. He does cute voices for them - nice, high voices for the cows and chickens and scary, gravelly voices for the rhinos and the giant hippo.

He also likes to put that orange boat on Merit's head.

All in all, it is probably one of the cutest things in my life. And I get some big doses of cuteness every day, so that's saying something.

The sad part of it is that I have pictures that are almost identical of Gage and Kjel in the bath around this age. That was in our old house with the creamy-yellowish tub so I think those pictures are black in white to make it less traumatic. Ha. Maybe I should b&w these to make them exactly the same.

But - I need an answer - where the heck does the time go?! How is Gage suddenly an almost-eight-year-old, reading chapter books and going to basketball after school?! (By the way - he LOVES basketball - he just started on Monday. We made him take a shower that night (he always protests but then ends up in there forever) and when he came out he said, "I LOVED that shower. I couldn't get out. It was the best shower of my life because I was so tired and sweaty from basketball".)

Oh sweet Merit, someday you will grow up and you will not think bath water looks so delicious. What will I do when my babies are all big kids? Have a big party and start wearing white again. Yes. But I will also let myself have a good cry. Because babies are precious - beyond anything I could try to write in this post. And I am so, so thankful that I've been able to love and teach and learn from four of them.

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