16 February, 2017


Last Sunday Steven was already at the church and I was speeding through the kids trying to get everyone ready to walk out the door (our ward meets at 9:30). Merit was still asleep so it was an easier morning than usual. We gathered on the couch with our bowls of oatmeal (we have taken to eating in the family room because we moved Merit's bedroom to the room right above the dining room which - while it has many advantages - is a noise hazard with all the chairs scraping the wood floor). Lots of parenthesis in this post.

So, gathered on the blue couch, oatmeal in hand, we had our special Sunday scripture study. I love Sundays because we don't actually pull out the scriptures - instead I tell them a story about Jesus from the New Testament. This time we talked about Jairus's daughter. We talked about how the scriptures tell us so many things, but that we can use our imaginations and the help of the Spirit to fill in the blanks. For example, I told them how I like to imagine Jesus hugging Jairus and saying, "Don't worry, this is going to be okay. I'm going to stay with you and we are going to work through this." 

We talked about how Jesus is just as concerned and involved in our lives, and how he uses the Spirit to speak words of comfort to us. I asked the kids what else the Spirit can speak to us, and Gage told the following story:

He was at school, writing down his answers for the spelling test. He knew he hadn't spelled THUMB correctly, but couldn't remember the right way so he just wrote out T-H-U-M. As he finished up he happened to see another student's paper, with the correct spelling of thumb. He erased his answer and wrote T-H-U-M-B. Then he had a feeling inside of him that he needed to be honest. So he re-erased it and re-wrote T-H-U-M. 

My heart just swelled with pride. YES! That was the Holy Ghost, telling him, urging him, to be true. And he listened.

I am trying (and failing most of the time) but still trying to listen and obey right away. But you know what? Just for trying, I'm feeling sweeter, more tender moments throughout the day. If Gage hadn't re-erased his answer and had cheated, I would have still been proud of him for telling me the truth. And for acknowledging that he'd done wrong. I think that God is the same way with us. Every time we look in the right direction and just try, I think His heart swells and He is so proud of us. 

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  1. What a great lesson for all of us. Please tell Gage that he's teaching his Grandma a lot through his every day living. And tell him his mommy is doing the same for me :)


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