25 February, 2017

February Little Things

Here's that sunshiney post I was going to write when I was having a bad day. Ha.

Okay... can't believe February is almost over! For being a short month, we packed a lot in. Probably because I was going absolutely STIR CRAZY from trying to sleep-train Merit in January. 

Took the monkeys out to dinner at Friendly's because I had a killer coupon. Left feeling like my spleen might never be the same. And I only a salad, so I'm wondering how that happened.

Heart-attacked the house for Valentine's Day and thought it was super cute when Steven wore his red sweater to commemorate LOVE DAY!

Gage is now on the fourth Harry Potter book and is learning Redeemer of Israel on the piano. Those two are related because he is using his piano skills to write songs - like this one called "Dobby".

Love these sweet notes from Gage that show up on our nightstands every couple days.

And going with Gage's song (and life right now), we did Harry Potter themed Valentines. These ones were my favorite, though we also made golden snitch, wand, and lightning bolt valentines too.

We have a fun group that we try to get together with every couple months (we aim for monthly but usually get together every 2-3 months). Our good friends hosted and it was super fun. We played a couples game and ate some yummy food while our babies crawled around bonking heads.

Their kitchen is dreamy.

Merit has two more teeth popping in, still trying to get over her cough, and bumps her head at least twice a day. Poor thing. Mortality has not been a cake walk for her.

Will turned three!

I got to help in Gage's class for their Valentine's Day party. So fun to see that boy in his element. :)

Hung out with some good friends for a lunch-time playdate with some post-valentines day themed treats.

Also this month, but no photos to prove it: we hosted the play school Valentine's Day party, Steven and I went on a date (he surprised me with a babysitter on Valentine's Day and we had fun escaping just the two of us for a while), I started my new calling as the ward music chairperson which includes leading the choir - which is scary, our sweet neighbor Kevin snow-blowed our driveway for us during a crazy storm and I will always love those sweet next door people for ever and ever, had two fantastic snow days filled to the brim with hot chocolate and pretend play, went to the zoo, and when this posts, we will be in Florida (and I'm sure there are a half a dozen things i'm forgetting).

February has been so good. But I'm so ready for spring!

Life is good.

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