09 January, 2017

Peese and Meek You

I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep if I don't take a second to jot down some of the sweet things about Will that are so specific to his exact age:

Will is the most polite toddler I've ever known. "Yes, pees."  "Meek you so much!" "No meeks, I don't want it." "Soo meez." (Excuse me). "I'm so sawy!"

He always whispers his prayers.

When he sees me after any kind of break (even if I've just been in a different room), he throws his arms around me and cries, "Oh Mom, you came back!"

If he doesn't want someone to go into another room he says, "No, peese don't leave me!"

At night and any time he's cold, he can get any of us to stop in our tracks and obey when he says, "hey, peese nuggle me."

Last night he picked up a pair of Steven's socks and said, "What is this?" (Another favorite phrase).

"My socks," Steven answered.

"Um, acshawee, these is mine mittens."

Steven laughed and said, "No, those are my socks!"

Will sighed, put them on his hands and gave Steven a very sympathetic look, "um, no, I don't fink so."

Will loves baths, squeezing Merit, playing pretend games with Kjel, readingbooks, coloring, play doh, secretly raiding Gage's special drawers (and sneaking ALL of Gage's carefully preserved Halloween candy under the bunk beds when he was supposed to be napping.)

Sometimes he will put his chubby hand to his heart, and declare boldly, "Hi, I am Wee-oh. Nice to meet you."

I can't stand how much I adore Will.

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