25 January, 2017

Little Mid-January Things

One of my most favorite people in history, Viktor Frankl, talks about how time bends oddly in prison - days seem longer than weeks. I hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful, but that is exactly what it's like when your baby is teething! The days (and especially nights) seem so long, but before you know it, the week is over and you're onto the next one.

Here is what we've been up to in the last couple weeks: 

Lots of dinners with no Daddy around, lately. Between work and church, he is a busy man. But it really makes it special when he is here. Like tonight (Wednesday) he got home right after five and only left to go on a  quick run after the kids were in bed. Nights like this we all feel extra safe and fulfilled. I love it.

Merit LOVES FOOD. Oh man. She will start screaming a high-pitched, murderous screech if she wants some of your food and you're not sharing. Yesterday I was eating a cinnamon roll (that I MADE - yes, I am not afraid of yeast any longer and it's probably going to be really bad for my health in the long run) and she was doing her scream so I gave her a tiny piece and ended up having to feed her more than I was comfortable with. Ha. Learned my lesson: she's in that phase of life where I have to sneak treats!

Kjel is so ready for Kindergarten. It is so sad and sweet. She keeps herself busy every day, but still feels a little bored and gets so antsy for Gage to come home. Today she was so excited to tell him that I bought yogurt at WEgmans. She said, "Mom, when Gage gets home I'm going to tell him. But if he just says 'cool' then I will be so sad. But if he says, "Oh, Kjel, wow, that is the BEST news," then I'll be SO happy!" Ha.

She is also an amazing artist, in my opinion. See those cute fish, with seaweed and bubbles? And also, see how she signs her cute little name? She puts a tiny self-portrait next to her signature on every page and it is so darling.

I post this photo to document two things: 1. I need to buy more straws. They have been lifesavers. My kids will down a green smoothie in minutes if they have a cool straw to drink it with and 2. I was so so so stressed about Will's picky eating. Well guess what? That kid is munching broccoli like no one's business and tonight at dinner he looked me square in the eyes and said, "Mom, I will try a carrot." And he ate a carrot right there! So proud of him.

Merit is now a Nanny McPhee with her one top tooth poking through. So sweet and sad. And just in time to match Gage, who is about to lose one of his front teeth any day now!

Recognize this room? Yep, we finished it. Got the bed put together and the walls painted, and voila, new room for Kjel. She loves it.

Lsat Saturday was busy, busy, busy. But fun. Kjel and I ran errands while the boys worked in the yard (it was nice and warm - 40 something degrees!) One of our errands was to go to Lowe's and grab some wood for a project Steven and I are working on and I'll post about soon. But want to know a regret of my life? I should have talked to a  manager because Troy, our wood-cutter guy, was maybe dying or on some kind of serious sedative. Halfway through using that SUPER INSANELY SCARY POWER TOOL to chop the many pieces of wood I bought, he looked at me with his eyes half-closed and said, "What was I doing?"

"Um, cutting our wood?"

"Ohhhh. Okay."

"Are you feeling okay?"

"No. No."

"Um... should I get someone?"

"No. What was I doing?"

Yeah, scary. I was super red-faced and sweating cause I had this fear he was going to grab me at any second and ram my head through the wood cutter. He was that out of it. Don't judge me for not reporting him. I still think I might call Lowe's and tell them about the whole thing. It was weird.

I finished a painting, and I still don't like the ocean but I'm leaving it for a week or so until inspiration strikes again!

Gage finished Harry Potter! We are so proud of him. He got to stay up late and watch the movie and eat ice cream, and at his request, chips and salsa. So cute.

Will and I went out on a date to Sweet Fwog. Any alone-time I get with that little dude is just priceless to me.

My in-laws are in Bali right now, so my mom sent me these pictures of me when my family visited Bali years ago. Don't I look like Kjel?!

My dad made us this birdhouse below:

 And will bring it out when they come to visit for Gage's baptism in September, I think. Isn't he talented?

Steven and I are trying hard to make date-night happen as often as possible. Last week we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse in Syracuse. I don't love Italian food, and to be honest, the food was pretty average, but the ambience was super awesome! Loved it!

I found this under the couch:

 (Gage's notes that he was taking during the Harry Potter movie on spells that he wanted to remember).

More Will-and-Mommy time while Kjel was at play school and Merit was sleeping. We made banana bread and he chatted with me the whole time.

Oh, I should've posted this one earlier, but this is Gage snuggling Steven while watching the HP movie.

And that's what we've been up to!

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