20 January, 2017

Hair Cut Evolution

Oh, how I have evolved. Hair cuts used to involve high chairs, capes, chocolate chips, happy music, and four different razor guards to give the boys perfectly tapered fancy hair cuts.

Now I do more of a "shock and awe" thing where I just snatch them, strip them of clothing and go at it on their heads with one razor guard and go as short as I dare so that we don't find ourselves having to repeat the process sooner than necessary.

The boys are stoic through it all. Gage is extra careful not to drool during his haircuts, and he also knows that complaining makes me go slower. Will knows that getting hair stuck to his sweaty little feet is unpleasant. Both boys know that I mean business and that their cooperation is simply non-negotiable when they hear the clickity-clack of me opening up the box of haircutting supplies.

I love being a mom to my girls and to my boys, and being partners and best friends with Steven. He helps me laugh through the haircuts that would sometimes make me want to tear my own hair out. Life is so good!

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