30 January, 2017

Gage in the Friend

My friend Kelli sent me a text a couple days ago, letting me know that her daughter was excited to find Gage in the Friend Magazine! (The Friend is a cute magazine put out by our church for children 3-11). 

We actually wrote this out and sent it in over a year ago, and I sheepishly have not renewed my subscription to the Friend, so we would have totally missed it if not for Kelli!

So thank you so much, Kelli!

I love that little guy. He is a good, good boy. He started basketball today and came home completely exhausted. He tried for two shots and missed both of them, but still felt like maybe basketball is HIS THING - my words that he then repeated ;).

Life is good. Especially with a cute seven-year-old with a super loose front tooth.

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