05 January, 2017


Not the most flattering picture ever taken, but it's the only one I have from last evening.

Do you ever have a moment when you think, "THIS is what it is ALL about!"

I had one of those last night. The stars really aligned for me. The sun was setting so beautifully and the trees in our backyard were silhouetted against the pink sky. Our white Christmas lights hanging across the sliding glass door were twinkling away, and Clair de Lune was quietly playing from the computer. Gage and Kjel were imagining some ridiculous game where my job was to throw pretend rotton potatoes (I think they meant tomatoes) at them, and Kjel was supposed to cast spells to keep Gage safe, but didn't understand and instead said, "Dibbity Dod, Dibbidy Dead, Make this Knight Gage DEAD!"

Right at the most beautiful climax of the song, I looked outside and the sun had completely gone down, and the sky was a hauntingly deep gray-blue. The wind had picked up wildly and the trees were positively swaying, back and forth together into the night. It was so beautiful and sad and sweet.

"Everyone, stop what you're doing right this second! Come to the window!"

They all ran over and watched with me. Someday they will make fun of me for how often I use the phrase, "JUST DRINK IT IN!"

They did drink it in. Kjel lingered the longest, unable to break her gaze - it was truly a wonder.

Gage got busy pretending and Will wanted to climb back onto the couch to wrap up in a blanket (he was completely naked). But Merit was content to lie on my shoulder and suck her thumb, and Kjel - little hands pressed against the glass, was mesmerized by the music and the movement of the naked tree branches.

If I can instill in my kids the love of beauty, I will have done something right.

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