14 January, 2017

A Week Day Date

Steven got done with everything early on Friday and came to hang out with the kids and I after Merit's appointment. Thank HEAVENS that poor little girl doesn't have pneumonia. Her cough was starting to scare me a little. 

Anyway, I had a groupon to use up, so we took Steven out for a date to a favorite restaurant in Syracuse called Modern Malt. Our good friends Tiffany and David recommended it to us about a year ago and were totally mock-offended when we opted for another place. We've since totally made up for it - this was my third time and our second time as a couple eating at this adorable place, and it very well may be one of those restaurants that just gets better and better. 

I always feel like I'm cheating (in a good way) life when we get to do fun things with Steven on weekdays. I feel a teensy bit guilty too, ha. It's crazy how much easier it is to do things minus just one kid. Gage was at school, and though we definitely missed him, we felt like such a smaller group. Even when Will knocked a ceramic fish that Kjel had painted at playschool onto the floor and it made a loud cracking sound as the pieces went flying everywhere - I still felt like we were a small, inconspicuous bunch ;).

Life is good :). Especially when you have cute people to share your french toast with.

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