16 January, 2017

A Little Snap Shot of Today

Tonight while Will and Merit were taking a bath, Will caught my eye and, holding up a plastic shark said, "Mom, oh no, this shark got Merit's head."

We played "fairy" for almost an hour in Merit's room this morning. All four kids and I. Fairy is when you use an object (usually my phone) to catch the sun and make a little glimmer of light on the wall. The kids try to get the fairy to hold still, but she dances and flies all over the room. All of them love it. Gage loves it because he knows the secret, Kjel loves it because she loves fairies. Will loves to chase things, and Merit loves to look at the light.

I finally decided to just put Merit on a schedule. My other kids all kind of "schedulized" themselves, but she just wasn't figuring it out on her own (or maybe we have just been zooming around too much during the day for her to know when she should nap). But I decided to just pick some times and stick with them. 9:30 for her morning nap, 1:30 for her afternoon nap, and 7:30 for bedtime. This is only the second day, but it's AMAZING. I put her in her crib wide awake (fed, changed, and snuggled up), and she puts herself down within a few minutes. It is miraculous. Babies are amazing.

Gage was dressed up as Harry Potter today. That boy is creative. He can fashion a realistic outfit out of nothing. He found a red cape to serve as his quidditch uniform, a pair of toddler sunglasses missing the lenses, a toy mop, and a broken pencil to serve as his wand. He found my make up pencil and drew a perfect lightning bolt on his forehead and spend the whole day (it's MLK Day so he was home from school) zooming around the house, shouting spells at us.

I found THE shirt of my dreams at Old Navy. If you like to have your chest and shoulders covered up, like loose-fitting clothing and like things long enough to cover part of your booty, this is the shirt for you: type in relaxed crew. Order it in your normal size (I ordered a small) but specify TALL. These shirts are the answer to my life's quest to find a plain, modest, comfortable, relaxed top that I don't have to wear a tank top under and nothing over. Plus, these shirts are super cute with a cardigan on top in the winter or with a skirt or shorts in the summer. Try them! Seriously! But only buy when they're on sale. They go on sale all the time. I bought mine for $6, I think they are normally $14.

When Steven got home from the work, he zoomed right up the stairs and started putting together Kjel's new bed that came today. It looks SO GOOD! I'll post pictures soon. I hope that I never forget these early years in our life. How Steven is truly never "off". He wakes up early and works all day. He plays hard with the kids, but I think that, other than "I love you" the one thing he says to me the most is, "Give me a job."

I love him.

Life is so, so good.

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