17 January, 2017

A Family of Runners

Every time I've gone running this year (ha, since January 1st, literally) when I do a quick spring through the cul-de-sac across the street to end things strong ;) our house just looks so beautiful to me and I have to snap a quick picture. Those trees are just too beautiful! And the pearly sky with flecks of gold on those snowy, frigid days make my heart dance around. 

At the end of December, one morning I woke up and felt like I was ready to become a runner.

When I was in high school, my friend Natalia and her dad were picking me up from my house for something but I had forgotten my backpack and had to run back up the porch stairs to grab it. When I got back to the car, Natalia told me that her dad said I had great form. Oh man, did that ever boost my self-esteem! I think about that all the time and have secretly wondered if my "good form" could mean that maybe I was made to be a runner. Does this sound a teensy bit pathetic?

Well, anyway, this is my year to become a runner. And guess what? I have run 9 times since January 1st. 2-3 miles each time! That is no small feat for someone who has always hated running. But the amazing thing is that I haven't stopped to walk at all, or even WANTED to stop and walk! I like how running feels and get disappointed when my timer goes off and it's time to start heading back.


Steven, ever-supportive, has decided to become a runner too. He and Gage are running buddies and they like to run about a mile then do sprints on a  hill near our house. It's seriously adorable to see these two pals get all ready and go stretch on the porch together. Gage loves it and I think if we keep this up we will have a little cross country boy on our hands.

I always wished I had been a cross country girl in high school. But it's never too late ;)

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