02 January, 2017

2016 In Review


Kjel became a sunbeam, Gage lost his two bottom teeth, and Steven and I went to NYC.


Winter break, I went to visit Grandmother and Grandpa, and Will turned TWO!


Enjoyed a SUPER warm spell; kept Gage home from school, painted the shed and stained the deck. And got pedicures with my pregnant friends :).


Celebrated Easter, loved General Conference, and..... Merit was born!


Gage's science fair, Mother's Day (Merit was 10 days old!), and Kjel turned FOUR! And the Father and Sons Campout happened, too.


 Grandma came!!!! Gage finished first grade, and we watched his class perform Rainbow Fish.


 Spent the Fourth in Philadelphia with Grandma (no pictures), drove to Utah for Azure's wedding and saw lots of good, good friends, and enjoyed a visit from G-Diddy.


Steven and I just decided that August was the best month. We went to the Sunflower Maze in Manilas, hiked Watkins Glen, and jumped on the trampoline non-stop. Kjel did ballet camp again and loved it.

Oh and our AC broke on the hottest day of the year, that was fun ;).


Gage started 2nd grade, Kjel started Play School, Gage turned SEVEN! We hiked every Saturday.


 Picked apples and pumpkins, continued weekly dates with the kids (on bikes), and Kjel had her first field trip. And visited the temple in Hartford. And did corn mazes. And Halloween. And a visit from Nana and G-Diddy.


 Like our house with the fall leaves behind it? Me too. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Manwarings and Nana and G-Diddy, celebrated Steven's birthday with friends, went to New Hampshire with friends and visited the birthplace of Joseph Smith.


Okay, ready? Celebrated my birthday with friends, went to NYC, celebrated Christmas, loved watching our kids in the primary nativity, Gage held the sign for his 2nd grade play "The Little Pine Tree", and we celebrated New Years with friends.


It is emotionally draining to have to pick and choose only a few pictures for each month. If you feel like you aren't getting anything done in the craziness of life, my heck, do one of these reviews! I can't believe how much fun and adventure we packed into this year!! Especially with a big old pregnant mom and then a new baby. Wow. I am feeling so empowered! Ha. 2016 was so good. 2017 will be even better.

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