21 December, 2016

Things I Need to Remember About Kjel Right Now

Oh, sweet Kjel. I worry so much that she is so easy that she'll slip through the cracks and I'll forget all of the sweet things she does.

Like make tiny mazes out of pillows and blankets for Merit to crawl through.

Or throw her arms around me at random moments and say, "I LOVE you, Mom! You are the best person I ever knew!'

I love it when she colors adorable pictures for us and writes her name completely backwards on the bottom.

And when she asks if we have any yogurt. She loves yogurt almost as much as "clean sushi".

On my birthday I jokingly said (while we were in the car driving somewhere) that I wanted the whole drive to be filled with our family singing Christmas songs. Kjel immediately started singing, and every time there was a pause, I'd hear her sweet little tinkling soprano voice belt out "Silent Night" or "Happy Birthday".

Kjel hates to disappoint anyone - to the point that she'd rather hide or lie than own up to a truth that she knows will disappoint. We tell her often, "You will not get in trouble, we will not be mad. Just tell the truth."

She colors on every surface imaginable. I find tiny faces on walls, tables, floors, and pillow cases. I always smile when I see them. She is a great artist :).

She has a tough head that can stand some pretty intense French braids.

She is good at apologizing, when she wants to. When she doesn't want to, there is nothing we can give her or take away that will entice her to apologize.

She asks adorable questions like, "Why is Jesus invisible?" And "A long time ago were you me, and was I your mom?"

She wants to marry my older brother, Trevor.

When her feelings are hurt she doesn't cry, she walks away by herself and sits quietly. It breaks my heart more than I can say.

Daily, she asks me if Tin-Tin (her cousin) lives on earth. She doesn't understand how someone who lives on earth isn't just down the street from us.

She loves to hug, she gives tiny pecks (not juicy kisses), she holds Merit every day and treats Will like a precious little puppy.

She makes her bed neatly and stacks all of the clothes and toys at the end of each day in a pile behind her doll house. We talk about how cleaning your room means putting things where they are supposed to go, but she still doesn't understand. I don't want to hurt her feelings so I thank her for putting the clothes there. Maybe I am creating a future messy person, but that's okay. I like her like that. :)

She adores the boys in her life, and loves having her nails done.

She dances ballet for me every day, and when I sing her a song at bedtime she says, "That's a nice song, but do you know the new one I wrote? It goes like this." And then she sings a five-minute long song and says, "Okay, Mommy, sing it back to me now."

She loves it when Gage isn't with us so she can sit in his booster seat in the van next to Merit.

She doesn't hit or push often, but she does scream her little head off when she's upset.

Kjel fulfills me and fills my heart up like no one else. She is a magical little fairy girl and I am trying to live up to her. She teaches me by example, how to be gentle and compassionate.

Kjel, you are a gift to me. I love you more than I can say!

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  1. She's so beautiful! Heart eyes for days, what a sweet spirit.


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