30 December, 2016


Brooke: when you come across this post next year, do not despair if your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day did not have the "Christmassy" magical feeling that you are yearning for. REAL Christmas comes in the days following Christmas. I promise! Three years and counting, it has been that way. So hang on, and know that after all the crazy Christmas hoopla, you will spend several perfect evenings next to the fire, watching old movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and playing card games with your family while eating rice pudding! 

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here are some things I want to remember:

Tonight Will said, "Mom, you are Mom. And you are shrunkous." (Scrumptious)

While I was putting Kjel to bed, she said, "I think Jesus knows all the things when I say I'm "thank Thee" for everything. Because did you know that one time I said, "I'm thank thee for everything," and that was all I said?" She giggled. "That was a short one."

Merit was floppy today and it scared me a little. She just kept falling forward onto me while I was holding her, instead of keeping her little head up, peering around her like a meerkat with her strong, cute neck muscles supplying all the strength she needs to be that active, never-still-for-long baby we adore. But I think she was just tired, because she ended up napping a ton today. She's in a transitional period in life called Sleep Training. It is a bummer for all of us. Anyway, I guess I'm writing this because I'm still a little worried about her with her sleepiness and floppiness. She did eat a lot of chicken soup today, though! We had a good system going. One small bite of solid food (soft potatoes, carrots, corn or chicken), and then a spoonful of broth to wash it down. She is such a sweet little birdie.

We've been loving playing games with Gage while Will and Kjel make ice cream with the new play-doh ice cream maker. It's so fun to have a third contender in our card games! My parents sent us a bunch of awesome new games to play including Sushi Go and Love Letter, and Gage is really starting to understand strategy which is SO FUN! Makes me so excited for that stage of life with bigger kids.

And lastly,

During this Christmas break it's been so fun for me to stay up a little after we put the kids to bed (late, way late, like 10, which is insane for us) and play some games or just chat by the fire with Steven. We are usually kind of rushing up to bed because nighttime is a battlefield and we take whatever sleep we can get, BUT we have decided to slow life down for this break and it's been so fun and spontaneous-feeling. Plus, who really needs sleep?

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