06 December, 2016


Oh, ordinary day.

Today is an ordinary day, a wonderfully ordinary day. I've mentioned it lots of times on here before, but one of my favorite truths is that those who "embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ live with wonder and an inner fire" (Joseph B. Wirthlin). I'm sure I have a few people who visit this blog and think I am a religious nut, haha. If you knew me, I think you would like me and not think I am nutty! But this "good news" is just too good not to share.

I have discovered the secret to finding wonder and magic every single day, even on the most ordinary days, the busiest and most exhausting days, and the days that terrify and knock you down a few rungs. I have experienced that peace that passes all understanding. It is a gift from a loving brother and Father to all of us, available no matter what.

I am feeling it today in all of my busy mom-ness, and I know I will feel it tomorrow even though I have a two-hour long MRI scheduled for the morning. I have been so nervous about it, but I feel peace right now. I know that this is all okay. Not just okay, but magical and wonderful and in the hands of a God who truly loves me and my family.

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