22 December, 2016

Loves Wolf Mans

A few things I don't want to forget about Gage (I know I already did a post about him but he said some cute things today).

When we got settled in after pick-up today, Gage was jabbering about his day. He does this every day and I catch about 40% of what he says. Today he told me that he has a really good deal worked out with a girl in his class named Mia. "I sharpen her pencils and she lets me pet her cute stuffed animal." Ha!

When Gage was in Kindergarten he told me that he had made a friend who "lives with mans." I was like, okay, this talk will come sooner than I thought. Gage has had pretty much no exposure to homosexuality and I wasn't really wanting to have to go through explaining that to him right then. But we took it in stride and I was pretty relieved when, upon further questioning, I realized that Gage had actually said the this friend, "loves wolf mans." Close one.

So today when I met the boyfriend of his best school friend's uncle, I realized that maybe it's time to sit down and have a talk. But I don't really know how to begin. This is where a mentor would come in handy. Anyone up for the job? Steven and I have been chatting about this and think we will leave it for now until he asks more questions. I'm still up for any advice you experienced parents (or wise people) might have for me.

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