15 December, 2016

Just a Few Things in December

Every day, maybe 20 times, Kjel pulls Merit into her lap like this. Most times, Merit screams her head off. Ha. 
Ahh, I have like five minutes to type this up before I need to put Merit to bed, but (as you can probably see) I'm falling out of my regular-blogging habit. And that bothers me! Shame on you, Brooke.

The problem is that blogging isn't part of my regular routine. I don't have a "Blogging Time" time set aside each day. Gotta fix that because I am heartbroken over the chunks of time that my journaling and blogging was simultaneously scant. Whole sections of life, gone! Ah, the travesty.

Anyway, here are some little things about December that I want to remember.

- Today was a snow day. I love snow days. We had so much fun and I will post about it soon, but two things especially delighted me today. The first was that Gage and Kjel independently asked for "Jammie Days" and I of course agreed. They don't want or ask for them often - both of them are very good at getting up and getting dressed in the morning. But when it's stormy they always want to stay in PJs. So cute. The second delight of today was coming downstairs after I'd gotten the babies down for naps. Gage was in the bathroom, and Kjel was in the kitchen, singing her heart out to The Twelve Days of Christmas. There is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING as darling as my little four-year-old soprano belting out, "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!" at the top of her lungs. All alone. In the kitchen. With her safari animals surrounding her.

Gage has worn this Santa hat EVERY DAY in December! 

- In October our neighborhood Cub Scouts came by to hit me up for a fundraiser. It was the Yankee Candle fundraiser and I spent way too long looking over the little catalogue they brought. I could tell they were regretting coming over, ha! But I finally picked out the second-cheapest thing which was a packet of 12 tea lights with the "Christmas Thyme" scent. It was a gamble. I'm choosy about my scents. That's why I was so iffy about this one. Anyway, I am so glad I picked them out! I pulled a couple out and put them in small mason jars to light during dinner and in the evenings. They have a real woodsy, rustic smell that is spicy and sweet.

My brother sent us this AMAZING box of meat, cheese, and treats. Want to know something? I ate ALL THE TREATS. I told my kids they could maybe have some later, and then I ate every one! Sometimes I am disgusting. ;) 
- I found my mentor! Ha. But really. I think she's the one. Do you know the Eyres? Ever since we bought the Joy School curriculum, I've been intrigued by this family. I really love Linda Eyre and her parenting books. She has impacted me so much as a mother. Definitely mentor material. But it's one of her daughters - Shawni Pothier - that I am really learning from lately. While I feed Merit at night (long story about this - I used to be able to nurse wherever, whenever, but because my back is so messed up, I can only comfortably nurse in the chair in her room. Which is actually fantastic because during at night when it's dark in there and the kids are all going to bed, I can read things on my phone!) Okay, so when I'm feeding Merit at night, I read her blog. The first blog I read start to finish (don't think I'm a weirdo) was my good friend Jen's. I am officially an expert on her family! Ha! toddnjennifermoss.blogspot.com. In case you are interested. But I wanted some new material and nothing on the internet was cutting it! I need to read things that teach me about how to be a better mom and wife and person. AND something relaxing and entertaining. And I found it in 71toes.com. Check it out, you will love it.

On a date with Gage to Wegman's. We always make sure to stop by the Pig's Feet. Gross. 
- I turned twenty-eight this past week! Steven and I are celebrating on Saturday, but I will write a post about it after that. I also want to write a post about hosting fun Christmas events for families with young children. I will do that soon.

Merry Christmas to you! I checked my blog stats for the first time in years a couple of days ago and became so curious -- who ARE you? I am sure we are friends, or would be if we lived close to each other. Maybe we are family or already good friends. Maybe you knew me in high school or college, or know my husband. Or maybe you just randomly found me and became interested in my life. I don't have HUGE readership, but I do have very consistent readers, and I would love to know who you are and how you are. How are you? Are you having a good December? Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you have children? Ha. You don't have to answer that. Just know that I'm thinking about you, and hoping that you're having a great day!

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