23 December, 2016

December Run Down

Kjel has a friend over and both babies are asleep, so I'm giving myself ten minutes to do a quick run-down of our December.

I can't believe that Christmas is THIS WEEKEND! So exciting. But also a little sad that it's already here. The anticipation is half of the fun!

 Lots of snuggling with this girl whose life has suddenly become not-so-rosy. Poor thing. First croup in November, then teething at the beginning of December, and now an awful cold with a super runny nose. She's pretty great during the day but at night needs me a lot. Which is just fine. I wish I'd known this with every baby: but after one year, they no longer need you like they do as babies. Yes, they may be awful sleepers and wake up a ton and all that after year one - but while they're less than a year old, they legitimately need you if they wake up in the night. I truly believe this. They are still adjusting to mortal life and need to know they are loved and taken care of. Plus there are crazy things happening every other month or so during that first year. Growing pains, new teeth, first illnesses, vaccinations that make their little thighs sore... plus who knows what emotional issues from being pushed around (lovingly) by big siblings, bonking their heads a billion times a day... and on and on. I love my nighttimes with Merit. I'm tired, yes. Fatigued actually. But I know that after she turns one, most likely, life will be different. And I will miss this!

Pie party, but I already wrote about that.

We had some great snow earlier in December. It's kind of melty and icy now, but we sure had fun throwing snowballs and making forts. Will really wanted to make a snowman but the snow was so darn powdery.

Last Saturday afternoon we had an impromptu fine "wine" and cheese party. Ha. It was cute. Gage tolerates drawing, but Kjel just soaks it up. I love to draw, so when the babies are sleeping I often will grab some paper and pencils and try to get them both super excited about drawing a still-life with me. Gage speeds through and humors me, but Kjel and I can sit there for a long time. This particular day was a treat because Steven was home so he drew with us! First we drew our nutcracker then we drew a pinecone. My brother sent us some meat and cheese in the mail so I sliced it up and poured everyone some juice to make fancy toasts with. Fun afternoon :).

Later that day, actually, was my special birthday date with Steven. We got Rachel, a sweet, sweet girl in our ward to come watch the kids. This was Kjel and I right before we went to pick Rachel up. I'm soooo bummed that I didn't take any photos on the drive. The snow was unreal! We passed this beautiful forest, all crystal and white in the snow and sun. Kjel and I oohed and aaaahed and slowed way down to soak it in. I said, "Let's name it the Winter Wonderland." And Kjel said, "Let's actually name it the White Trees of Life." I think I have found my kindred spirit.

Look at Steve's pinecone! He is great!

We made it to church on time! Woo hoo! Which shouldn't be such a feat considering that we live exactly three minutes from the church building. Ha. Steven got called as the Elder's Quorum President which means he is getting released as the Executive Secretary. Bitter sweet, but I think he's going to love this new opportunity.

Merit and I spend the third hour of church nearly every Sunday on those armchairs, nursing and dozing off. I love this smily baby!

We loved getting my free birthday sundae from Friendly's! Our waitress was a sweet lady who is pregnant with her fourth, and she has a three-month-old at home! What a busy life!

Will loves the snow, but he loves hot chocolate more.

Merit got more shots :( and loves, no LOVES the bath. And Kjel LOVES Merit. It all works out so nicely :).

We went caroling for Family Night. Steven has the pictures and videos on his phone, darn it. But we went to Sweet Frog after. So fun and delicious. I still stand by the simple truth that original tart with strawberries is the ONLY way to enjoy frozen yogurt. Unfortunately everyone in my family disagrees and prefers some variation of chocolate. Ha. Cuties.

Our good friends, the Larsens, had the same idea after caroling so we swapped family photo-taking. Fun. We love those Larsens!

We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets, this one made us all stop in our tracks and my kids didn't look at me like I was crazy when I begged them to just drink it in!

We have spent so much time in the kitchen making cookies or treats for neighbors and friends, listening to Christmas music and dancing. I have discovered that the Harry Connick, Jr. Holiday station MIXED with the Sarah McLaughlin station on Pandora is the best way to enjoy Christmas music. Kjel took this picture of Merit and I dancing and I love it! Motherhood is a delight.

Merit has done a lot of napping. Poor little crusty nose :(.

Gage got to hold the sign for the Little Pine Tree Christmas play at his school. He was so great up there reading his part and singing and dancing and jingling his jingle bells. I was so proud of him. Afterwards he told me that he was "disturbed" by the woman who chose to sit DIRECTLY in front of me on the floor in front. Ha. I was too.

Found this sweet note from Gage.

And caught these three being darling in Kjel's room one morning when I was speed-cleaning the upstairs. Do you see Merit's little head in the back pulling toys out of the shelves?

Kjel learned who to draw dresses and pigtails and filled up an entire book of really expensive drawing paper with these cuties. Ha!

And last but not least, Merit is standing up! I am so scared that she will be walking soon. Oh, the horror of children growing up! Why won't they obey me when I tell them to stop it?!


This post is pretty Merit/Kjel heavy. Hmmmm. I will work on that and get more photos of my boys up.

Merry Christmas!

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