19 December, 2016

Christmas Pie Party 2016

This year's pie party was so fun. You know what, though? I am starting to re-think my theory on house-sizes. I have always been an advocate in our family for a smaller home. One that fits like a well-tailored suit. But I do really hate having to keep our invite list smaller because our house just can't accommodate a huge group. We always miss our other friends as we cycle through each year to make sure we get some yule tide cheer in with many of the different people we really love here in NY.

Anyway, with that said, the party was so fun. We have dinner (salad and sandwich bar this year) and everyone brings a couple of pies. 

Pie round-up this year was:

Salted caramel and dark chocolate, Mississippi mud pie, key lime pie, apple pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pecan, and banana cream. Mmmmmm.

I made a fancy drink too. Ready? It's a hard one ;). Just sprite and cranberry-pomegranate juice. I had some cranberries in the freezer, so I put a handful of those in too, with some ice. And there you go - Frosted Cranberry Punch. Boom.

My friend Elizabeth is a whiz with creating fun things for kids. She brought a bunch of extra wrapping paper, crafty things, and we had Uno for the bigger kids. And we kept Christmas movies going the whole time to keep things Christmassy.

We have wonderful friends!

I loved the outfits. We don't have any great Christmas PJ's (Steve and I, the kids do), so we wore our ugly sweaters (or turtleneck in my case...except I actually really like mine), and everyone else either wore ugly sweaters or Christmas PJs.

I love cute Paige's PJs!

I told Josh that Christmas isn't really Christmas until I see him in his Coca-Cola sweater, ha!

We always play some games then have our big White Elephant Gift Exchange. This year we played two really fun ones -- Santa's Watching You and Christmas Sausages. Santa's Watching You is just the Christmas version of Ooga Booga. Christmas Sausages is hilarious. But you have to be sugared up for it, because you really need to be in a giggly mood. You're in two teams and each member of your team gets a chance to make one person on the other team laugh - by asking a question that they HAVE to answer with "Christmas Sausages." The one that I lost it over was when Jerry asked, "Brooke, when Merit was born, and you looked at her face, what was the first thing you --" and I was a goner then. "Christmas Sausages!" Ha. Oh, Jerry. You are a funny man.

Mari brought her book of Christmas carols and dreams came true when we gathered 'round the piano to sing Auld Lang Syne. Which I really love. It wasn't without a few Jimmy Stewart impersonations. "My lips bleedin'!" "I wanna live!" "To my brother George, the richest man in town!"

The kids sort of ate, but really invested in the crafts. It was cute when they all started making things for their moms and wrapping them up in wrapping paper. So sweet.

Okay, the gifts this year: broken Christmas lights, a team sponsor jersey that a softball team gave to Steven, a stalk of brussel sprouts, a creepy little panda figurine with a human face (that Will LOVES), a green claw, reindeer antlers, a caroler that will haunt my dreams forever.

Mari won this shirt last year -- it was a Sant Family Reunion tee shirt. Ha!

Nothing like a stalk of brussel sprouts to bring some cheer!

Last night after we had cleaned up, Gage said, "Mom, please will you promise to put that scary caroler far away in the basement? I have a bad feeling about him. It might be Satan." Ha! Don't worry, I DID tuck that guy far away. Far, far away. On Judea's plains. ;)

The group!

We have so many wonderful friends. I love them all and wish we could have a huge houseful of all of them! These three gals are so fun and I love spending time with each of them.

The party was awesome, but my favorite part was actually afterwards. It was late, like 10:30 when everyone was gone, and we were able to kind of re-group. Usually my kids would be melting like popsicles, but they were happy, so we let them stay up while we cleaned. After a while, we all kind of migrated to the family room and snuggled up on the couch to watch a Christmas mormon message. It felt so right to be all together, basking in Christmas!

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