17 December, 2016

An Hour in Photos

Wednesday was a snow day. We got a ton during the night and it kept coming all day long. I love snow days. I wrote a little bit about it on Thursday, but this was one hour of our day. 

I speed-cleaned the kitchen to start out with. This is the before. Here is my question: I go to bed with a tidy house every night. After the kids go down we do a 10-20 minute pick up depending on how bad things have gotten. And then within minutes after the kids wake up, it looks like this! How? I don't get it. Anyway, the kitchen is the epicenter of the home and if it's dirty, all else seems off-kilter. So I know I have to do some re-centering when it looks like this.

Nursed Merit, put her down for a nap. She started screaming as soon as I laid her down, so I pulled her back into the rocking chair and rocked more. I am sabotaging any hopes for this girl to sleep through the night! Little note here -- I am so sleep-deprived lately, it is utterly ridiculous. Since she got croup back in November, she has not had a night without waking up AT LEAST four times. Last night I couldn't fall asleep right away - I was thinking over my impending blood test and what the results would mean. So even though we went to bed at 10, I was still awake at 12:45 when she woke up. Then guess what? She stayed awake until about 4:30. But it wasn't happy awake time, it was sobbing, sad awake time. And it's been like that for weeks. I finally decided to just leave her in her crib and let her cry it out, but soon her cries turned to literal shrieks, so I went in and her leg was stuck in the rungs of her crib! Horror. It was awful. Then when I finally went back to bed around five, I knew morning was just around the corner for us, and I couldn't sleep! Grrr! On the plus side, over the last two years I have learned that we often don't NEED what we think we need. Yes, a night of amazing sleep is so good and nourishing, but we won't die without it. Eventually, maybe. But I personally can go months without sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours a night. Depressing but true.

And then she fell into a deep sleep and I tip-toed out of the room.

 Then I put Will down for a nap. He is so cute. I ask him, "Will's bed or Gage's bed?" He says, "Dage bed." And up he climbs. "Nuggle me one mo time," he commands. I always obey. "Want wah-urrr. Boo wah-urrr." Which means he will only drink water out of the blue cup. "Want Daddy Elephant." That is a tough one. The Daddy Elephant has been missing for weeks. As I start to leave the room he cries out, "Wait! Wait!" And it's just so darling that I have to go over and kiss him again. Finally he says, "Okay, I hide now." And ducks under the blankets to go to sleep. He is a good napper lately.

I wrote about this on Wednesday. I came downstairs and found Kjel playing with these animals and singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. So cute.

Oh, and look at that clean kitchen. When the epicenter is complete, we all do a little better.

Hot-glued two more gingerbread houses. Gage's friend Caleb was going to come over after school but since school was cancelled we invited some church friends over to decorate "gingerbread" houses in the afternoon.

All the little houses lined up in a row.

After this Gage, Kjel and I worked on a cute little Christmas garland that I was copying from my new book Scandinavian Holidays. I put on some make-up before our friends got here, then the rest of the day sped by as we decorated houses, played, put out a few fires, made dinner, and enjoyed the beautiful white out. Steve had to close the office early so that his team could make it home safely, so he stopped by Wegman's to get a couple of things I forgot for a little Christmas party we hosted on Friday. Then he came home and after dinner took the kids out in the snow.

Life is good. Even when it's filled with fatigue, some late-night anxiety about blood tests, and all of the ups and downs that come with having four wonderful, energetic, dramatic children. There is far more magic than sadness. That is definitely true.

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