09 December, 2016

A Healthy Brain

Sort of unrelated to this post - this is Will at the play place at the mall. He found a comfy spot between two grandpas and chatted with them, and they sweetly answered him. So cute. 
My MRI went really well. It was a completely pleasant experience -- maybe too pleasant. Since it was such a long MRI, I opted for the mild sedatives and I think mild was a bit of an understatement. I have never been so relaxed in my life! The slab was so comfortable and I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't feel trapped. I think I fell asleep but I do remember at one point asking her to stop for a second so I could tell her that the sounds were like beautiful music. Ha. I think I understand why people do drugs ;).

The next day I was at the mall for a playdate with my kids when the nurse from my neurologist's office called.

"Your head and brain are completely fine," (BIG relief), "But you have four bulging disks in your neck and a tumor on your thyroid."

Uh, what?!

I am normally someone who asks lots of questions, but I think the fact that we were with friends, at the mall, with all the noise and distractions, I just let her off the phone and said "Okay" when she told me to keep my phone on my for the scheduler to call and get the rest of the necessary tests figured out.

There is a good ending to this story, so don't despair!

The next phone call was with a different nurse, so I asked her what was actually happening to me. She told me that they found a "mass" on the left side of my thyroid, that it could easily be nothing, and to come in for an ultrasound of my thyroid.

Finally, at like six PM, my real neurologist called to discuss how to go forward with my migraine stuff. She told me that what they had actually found was a nodule. Okay, tumor - mass - nodule. Huh. And then I asked if this thyroid business could be the culprit behind the headaches and she said no! So that is a bummer.

Anyway, our good doctor friend who we adore told us that "mass" is a general term and tumor is usually for something greater than 2 cm and nodule is something smaller than 2 cm.

Make sense?

So today we had the ultrasound of my thyroid. My good friend Kelli watched the kids so Steven could come with me. They found three more - two on each side of my thyroid. But they are both smaller than a centimeter so they can't do a fine-needle aspiration to biopsy them. I just have to go in for more blood work and they're going to watch the nodules to see what they do.

Isn't nodules a gross word?

This isn't a huge thing -- even the worst case scenario - thyroid cancer, isn't really that bad. Thyroid cancer is totally treatable and most people do just fine. According to the internet. Which never lies. :)


Today we had friends over to decorate cookies and there are fluffy snowflakes drifting outside. All the Christmas lights are on, and my snowflake candle is making the house smell like winter. Life is so, so good!

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  1. I'm glad you have a healthy brain! And yes, nodules is a kind of icky word. But so much better than tumor! Thinking of you lovely Redferns extra these days. <3


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